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“Franconia goes exotic”

Restaurant Ritter Jörg

We welcome our guests to the Restaurant Ritter Jörgwith delicious Mediterranean cuisine in a pleasant atmosphere. "Franconia goes exotic" is our motto and we pair classic Italian dishes with a selection of delicious Franconian wine specialities. All dishes are freshly prepared for you with great care. Guests with intolerances to certain foods will find delicious meals on our allergy sufferers menu.


wine region

The wines from our Franconian homeland are some of the most popular varieties from German-produced wines. Many of the good wines from the surrounding wineries are known all over the world for their exceptional quality. We have put together a list of the some of the best vineyards.

Familie Nagel

Winzerhof Nagel – Dettelbach

The vineyard of the family Nagel has been a family business for the past 35 years. Traditional Franconian wine specialities are prepared in the traditional manner although they are also open to new things. The winery is located in Dettelbach just 20 km north of Sommerhausen.

Weingut am Ölspiel

Weingut am Ölspiel – Sommerhausen

The vineyard belonging to the Schwarz family is very close to Sommerhausen. The family has been using the best sunny positions in the municipality to grow its vines since 1797. This is how unique and international-class wines, sparkling wines and fine brandies are created directly from regional production.

Weingut Felshof

Weingut Felshof – Sommerhausen

The vineyard belonging to the Wenninger family is also located here in Sommerhausen. You can also buy the wine directly from the vineyard and sample it there. The "wine talks" are also popular, involving wine tasting with entertaining stories about wine and the wine-growing family on the vineyard.


Artur Steinmann – Sommerhausen

The forefathers of the Steinmann family settled in Sommerhausen as long ago as the Middle Ages. In 1916, the family and its fruit business moved into the Pastorius house. As a vineyard, they concentrate on traditional cultivation methods and a precise selection. This results in high quality wines that have already won many awards.


Weingut Helmut Christ – Nordheim

The Helmut Christ vineyard has been concentrating on ecological viticulture since 1974 and has been following the notoriously high standards of Demeter since 2006. This obsession, which was largely ridiculed at the time, has since become a global trend. A selection of tasty organic wines always has a place on any well-stocked wine list.


Christoph Steinmann – Sommerhausen

Christoph Steinmann is another descendent of the long-established Steinmann family from Sommerhausen. Typical Franconian grape varieties are cultivated over 15 hectares. One of the vineyard’s priorities is cultivating the popular Silvaner grape.


Distelhäuser Bier

Tauberbischofsheim is just 30km to the west and is the location of the Distelhäuser brewery. With 21 delicious creations, the brewery has made a name for itself all over the world. The delicious Distelhäuser beers have a unique flavour and are the perfect accompaniment to the tasty dishes on our menu.